Implementation of checks UI for Jenkins CI servers

This plugin registers a ChecksProvider with the Gerrit UI that will fetch build results for a change from configured Jenkins servers and provide them to the checks panel in a change screen.


Currently, only multibranch-pipeline jobs using the Gerrit SCM-source provided by the link:[gerrit-code-review]- plugin are supported.

The Jenkins Remote Access API does not provide all the information that could be displayed in Gerrit, e.g. a result summary. Thus, as of now, this plugin does not make full use of the checks API. As of right now, it will display the following data in the UI:

  • Builds for the selected patchset including previous attempts
  • Status of the build
  • Result of the build
  • Link to the build and its logs
  • A result summary stating the result category used by the CI (e.g. Result: UNSTABLE)