Analytics plugin configuration

The configuration is located on $GERRIT_SITE/etc/analytics.config and allows to customize the default parameters for the analytics extraction.


  • contributors.botlike-filename-regexp

    List of regexps that identify a bot-like commit, commits that modify only files whose name is a match will be flagged as bot-like.

    Default: empty


      botlike-filename-regexp = .+\\.xml
      botlike-filename-regexp = .+\\.bzl
      botlike-filename-regexp = BUILD
      botlike-filename-regexp = WORKSPACE

    Keep in mind that plugin configurations are written in git-config style syntax, so you should be escaping regular expressions accordingly.

  • contributors.extract-issues

    when set to true, enables the extraction of issues from commentLink

    Default: false


      extract-issues = true
  • contributors.ignore-file-suffix

    List of file suffixes to be ignored from the analytics. Files matching any of the specified suffixes will not be accounted for in num_files, num_distinct_files, added_lines and deleted_lines fields nor will they be listed in the commits.files array field. This can be used to explicitly ignore binary files for which, file-based statistics makes little or no sense.

    Default: empty


      ignore-file-suffix = .dmg
      ignore-file-suffix = .ko
      ignore-file-suffix = .png
      ignore-file-suffix = .exe