This plugin is built with Bazel in-tree build.

Build in Gerrit tree

Create a symbolic link of the repsotiory source to the Gerrit source tree /plugins/cache-chronicalmap directory, and the external_plugin_deps.bzl dependencies linked to /plugins/external_plugin_deps.bzl.


git clone
git clone
cd gerrit/plugins
ln -s ../../cache-chroniclemap cache-chroniclemap
ln -sf ../../external_plugin_deps.bzl .

From the Gerrit source tree issue the command bazelsk build plugins/cache-chroniclemap.


bazelisk build plugins/cache-chroniclemap

The libModule jar file is created under basel-bin/plugins/cache-chroniclemap/cache-chroniclemap.jar

To execute the tests run bazelisk test plugins/cache-chroniclemap/... from the Gerrit source tree.


bazelisk test plugins/cache-chroniclemap/...