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  1. Dockerfile
  3. config/
  4. tools/


The apache-git-http-backend docker image serves as receiver in git replication from a Gerrit master to a Gerrit slave.


  • base image
  • Apache webserver
  • Apache configurations for http and https
  • git (via base image) and git-deamon for git-http-backend
  • tools/ cgi script to enable remote creation of new git repository over http. This is triggered by the Gerrit replication plugin if a new repository on the Gerrit master does not yet exist in a Gerrit slave, a corresponding change for the replication plugin enabling repository creation via http is still in review for master and will be downported to 2.16
  • tools/start: start script, configures and starts Apache webserver

Setup and Configuration

  • install Apache webserver, additional Apache tools and git daemon
  • configure Apache
  • install cgi script
  • map volumes


  • start Apache git-http backend via start script /var/tools/start