Gerrit Code Review - Public Keys

The following public keys are are available on the Ubuntu Public Key Server, and are used to sign:

  • Release tags on the gerrit and core plugin repositories
  • Release artifacts that are published on the Maven Central and Google Maven repositories
  • Release announcement emails
  • Binary package distributions
NameEmail AddressFingerprintNotes
Dave Borowitzdborowitz@google.comA4F9 BFB0 EC56 812A 86E6 0AE1 5FD7 C59A 9A12 888C
David Pursehousedpursehouse@collab.net0A76 9EB0 5339 B93B DD89 95ED 0C3A F664 9FFC 2102
david.pursehouse@sonymobile.com5BEE 1865 DB05 5B31 9DCB 1369 F236 A953 E082 5A6DObsoleted
Edwin Kempinekempin@google.com8DC3 89F5 9066 40FA C5A9 9037 51B5 FD97 A0D0 EF51
Hugo Arèshugares@gmail.com6884 7C78 8005 34A7 3386 86C9 C5D7 01B8 24EE 7037
Masaya Suzukimasayasuzuki@google.com17DE EE31 04AA 1FBD ABE4 D1F7 2489 35B0 B6B8 7F19
Patrick Hieselhiesel@google.com7789 759C D085 C90A 1823 63AB 710A 7242 BD5B 6C39
Saša Živkovsasa.zivkov@sap.com024B 9991 1E26 0764 22A7 5AD4 4D52 61F9 26C1 290E
GerritForgeinfo@gerritforge.comF0E2 4DA6 6FFA A737 081E 5A7E 1FFF AA5E 1871 F775Deb
GerritForge Yumyum@gerritforge.com87BE F09F 08AF 18A9 79ED 67DB AF71 9AD5 21EF A0F0Rpm