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In-Person Meet-ups are back

After the success of the 2023 Gerrit Hackathon and Summit and with COVID era restrictions having been lifted for a while the community managers are glad to announce that, as announced during the Summit, we will start organizing in-person meetups, sponsored by GerritForge, in the Silicon Valley.

The intention behind this is to get the Gerrit community back together so we can thrive off of each other's knowledge and experiences. Each meet-up will host a set of short talks with the intention of exploring in-depth common problems in the life of us Gerrit Admins and Users.

The first meetup will see two 20 minutes talks, details can be found here. Going forward, it would be great to host these at different venues so if you‘re happy to host a friendly group of Gerrit Users/Admins please reach out to yolanda@gerritforge.com. Equally, if you’re interested in speaking at future events do reach out as we'd love to hear what you have to share.

This will be hosted in GerritForge's Sunnyvale office, located in the Historic Del Monte building at: 100 S Murphy Ave STE 200, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

There is a good amount of parking immediately next to the building and an overflow just across the street and also by Sunnyvale station.

It will be held over lunch on November the 15th, starting at 11:45 and running until 12:45, so come and join us, we'll have plenty of pizza and Swag to share, like Gerrit branded bottles and t-shirts.

Please register at the event‘s page if you’re planning to attend, as places are limited.

We're excited to see you all there.

Daniele Sassoli Senior Engineering Manager @ GerritForge