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Engineering Steering Committee Meeting, Apr 12 - May 3 2023

Christophe Poucet, Patrick Hiesel, Luca Milanesio, Saša Živkov

Next meeting

July 12, 2023

Spring Hackathon

There weren't enough attendees to justify a face-to-face hackathon in Munich (Germany) this year. The Gerrit Spring Hackathon took place remotely on Discord.

Gerrit v3.8

The release of Gerrit v3.8 happened according to plans and was officially announced on May 20.

The dismissal of new Prolog rules has been discussed and the common agreement is to relax the constraints and still allow them in v3.9 but stricter afterwards.

Future of JGit hosting on Gerrit

The Eclipse Foundation announced the shutdown of their Gerrit server which would have left the JGit project without a code-review platform.

Matthias Sohn, the maintainer of JGit, proposed to move the development to GitHub/GerritHub which would allow to dog-food the JGit development and also to have a resilient and effective code-review platform, keeping the full history of the code-reviews.

Gerrit User Summit 2023

Volvo Cars has offered to host the Gerrit User Summit 2023, from Sep 30th to Oct 1st, in Gothenburg at Volvohallen, co-sponsored with Polstar.

The proposal was already subject to a public poll on repo-discuss with the following results:

  • 38.7% are willing to attend face-to-face at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg
  • 32.3% are planning to watch the event live on GerritForge's YouTube Channel
  • 25.8% will be watching the recording offline