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Engineering Steering Committee Meeting, July 7, 2020


David Pursehouse, Patrick Hiesel, Luca Milanesio


Online, June 7, 12:30 - 13:00 CEST

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on August 4, 12:30 CEST.


Project News

The next news post is due to be published at the end of July. We will collect news items ad-hoc as this date approaches.

Secure Pipeline

Luca has set up a secure CI pipeline and will publish Helm Charts for K8s so that we can spin up this pipeline to test fixes on-demand.

Problematic terminology

The community managers have started an initiative to remove or replace problematic terminology from Gerrit (For example: “master”). The ESC supports this initiative.

Stability fixes for 3.2

There are stability issues with the 3.2 release with respect to the replication plugin. A series of fixes have been merged and will release shorty.


There is a candidate for a new maintainership that will be discussed with the maintainers in an offical nomination shortly.

Review of open design documents

No progress.

Java 11

We will move to Java 11 being the default JDK before cutting stable branches for 3.3. This will raise the langage level of the project to 11. We will continue to run builds for Java 8+ for some time to ensure customers with custom JDKs can still run Gerrit.

Review of issues on the ESC component

Patrick went over the list after the meeting and removed issues that aren‘t in the ESC’s domain.