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Fixit Week Summary

In the first week of February 2020 the frontend team had a “Fixit Week”. We focused on fixing all the little things that pile up and otherwise don't get attention. We were able to fix around 36 issues. Big thanks to all contributers who joined us.

Fixit Highlights

Hovercard for blame annotation

Change introduces a new hovercard with commit message when hovering over the blame annotation.

Blame Hover Card

Improving layout of label scores

Change improves layout to the table so the buttons are not so far away from the label name. Also add a background-color on hover to highlight which label you are about to vote on.

Label Scores

Warn user in submit dialog about unresolved comments

Change introduces a new warning when submitting a change with unresolved comments. It doesn't block submit, just gives the last notification about unresolved comments.

Warn about unresolved comments

Honor date format from preferences when displaying dates

Change fixes some places where we didn‘t honor the date format from the user’s preferences. For example if user sets date format 3.Jun instead of default Jun 3 dashboard will be changed as in the screenshot below.

Honor date format

All Fixit Improvements