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Working Group to deal with plugin community issues

The community managers and the ESC identified community issues with plugins as a larger topic within the Gerrit community that needs attention. A group of volunteers formed a working group to drive this topic and work on resolving the issues. Anyone is welcome to join this group and help with getting the work done. Issues that this group is tackling are collected on a hotlist in Monorail.

The focus of this group is on community issues with plugins (e.g. processes and best practices around plugins). Specific issues with plugins, extension points and plugin infrastructure are not in scope.

Hackathon and User Summit in Sunnyvale

GerritForge hosted a hackathon from the 11th to 15th November and a User Summit on the 16th and 17th in Sunnyvale, California.

Luca's report of the summit is in progress and will be published separately.

Gerrit 3.1.0 Released

During the hackathon in Sunnyvale, Gerrit version 3.1.0 was released. This version includes the long-awaited support for git protocol V2, and the PolyGerrit UI is upgraded to use Polymer 2.

See the release notes for full details.

Gerrit Roadmap

The Engineering Steering Committee has published a tentative roadmap for the project. The roadmap defines features to be included in the next release (version 3.2.0) and in future releases.