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Engineering Steering Committee Meeting, Aug 3, 2022

Han-Wen Nienhuys, Luca Milanesio, Saša Živkov

Next meeting

Sept 7, 2022

Clarification of rolling version upgrade policy

Confusion at Google regarding support status for rolling upgrades.

This was documented in the 3.2 release notes, as an experimental feature. As it relies on the HA plugin which itself is not a core plugin, this remains experimental.

Upgrades, including ‘rolling upgrades’, must be planned with care. A new version might write data for new features, or enforce submission criteria with different business logic, leading to unpredictable behavior changes.

Public sector use of Gerrit

Han-Wen: heard that in Europe, there is interest in open source from the Public Sector, as it quells fears over being dependent on US companies. Does anyone know of public sector Gerrit users?

In the UK, there are laws to promote open source in government. Luca will check if there are public references we could mention on the website.


Han-Wen will document quarterly objectives from Google.

SAP is busy moving Gerrit deployment to k8s. Gerritforge is focused on JGit changes affecting performance.