title: “Gerrit Project News #4: August-September 2019” tags: news keywords: news permalink: 2019-09-27-gerrit-news-aug-sep-2019.html summary: “Gerrit project news from August and September 2019.” hide_sidebar: true hide_navtoggle: true toc: true

Gerrit Hackathon and User Summit in Gothenburg

The hackathon and summit in Gothenburg were a great success. See Luca's report for more details.

Plans for Gerrit 3.1 release and EOL of 2.15

Gerrit 3.1 is planned to be released in November during the upcoming hackathon in Sunnyvale. With the new release, 2.15 will reach EOL.

See the recent news post for details.

Code of Conduct

The community managers have published a code of conduct for the project and associated events.

See the recent news post for details.

Mailing list and issue tracker component for ESC

A new ESC component has been created in the issue tracker to make it easier to bring issues to the attention of the Engineering Steering Committee.

A mailing list has also been created which allows direct communication to all members of the ESC. Correspondence on this list remains private between the sender and ESC members.