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Basic Account Search

Similar to many popular search engines on the web, just enter some text and let Gerrit figure out the meaning:

Search Operators

Operators act as restrictions on the search. As more operators are added to the same query string, they further restrict the returned results. Search can also be performed by typing only a text with no operator, which will match against a variety of fields.

  • email:‘EMAIL’
    Matches accounts that have the email address EMAIL or an email address that starts with EMAIL.

  • is:active
    Matches accounts that are active.

  • is:inactive
    Matches accounts that are inactive.

  • name:‘NAME’
    Matches accounts that have any name part NAME. The name parts consist of any part of the full name and the email addresses.

  • username:‘USERNAME’
    Matches accounts that have the username USERNAME.

Magical Operators

  • is:visible
    Magical internal flag to prove the current user has access to read the account. This flag is always added to any query.

  • is:active
    Matches accounts that are active. If neither is:active
    nor is:inactive is contained in a query, is:active
    is automatically added so that by default only active accounts are matched.

  • limit:‘CNT’
    Limit the returned results to no more than CNT records. This is automatically set to the page size configured in the current user’s preferences. Including it in a web query may lead to unpredictable results with regards to pagination.


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