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User Named Destinations

It is possible to define named destination sets on a user level. To do this, define the named destination sets in files named after each destination set in the destinations directory of the user’s account ref in the All-Users project. The user’s account ref is based on the user’s account id which is an integer. The account refs are sharded by the last two digits (+nn+) in the refname, leading to refs of the format +refs/users/nn/accountid+. The user’s destination files are a 2 column tab delimited file. Each row in a destination file represents a single destination in the named set. The left column represents the ref of the destination, and the right column represents the project of the destination.

Example destination file named destinations/myreviews:

# Ref                   Project
refs/heads/master       gerrit
refs/heads/stable-2.11  gerrit
refs/heads/master       plugins/cookbook-plugin


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