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gerrit gsql - Administrative interface to active database


ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit gsql
  [--format {PRETTY | JSON | JSON_SINGLE}]
  [-c QUERY]


Provides interactive query support directly against the underlying SQL database used by the host Gerrit server. All SQL statements are supported, including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and ALTER.


  • --format
    Set the format records are output in. In PRETTY (the default) records are displayed in a tabular output suitable for reading by a human on a sufficiently wide terminal. In JSON mode records are output as JSON objects using the column names as the property names, one object per line. In JSON_SINGLE mode the whole result set is output as a single JSON object.

  • -c
    Execute the single query statement supplied, and then exit.


Caller must have been granted the Access Database global capability.


Intended for interactive use only, unless format is JSON, or JSON_SINGLE.


To manually correct a user’s SSH user name:

        $ ssh -p 29418 review.example.com gerrit gsql
        Welcome to Gerrit Code Review v2.0.25
        (PostgreSQL 8.3.8)

        Type '\h' for help.  Type '\r' to clear the buffer.

        gerrit> update accounts set ssh_user_name = 'alice' where account_id=1;
        UPDATE 1; 1 ms
        gerrit> \q

        $ ssh -p 29418 review.example.com gerrit flush-caches --cache sshkeys --cache accounts


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