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With typical Git repositories, you work on the files stored in a local repository. When your updates are ready, you push those changes from your local machine directly to the remote repository.

{{site.data.alerts.note}} Alternatively, if you are familiar with GitHub, you make a pull request. This request asks an authorized member of the repository to pull changes from your copy of the repository. {{site.data.alerts.end}}

Gerrit follows the standard Git workflow pattern, in that you use the git push command to copy your files from your local machine to the remote repository. However, instead of your changes going directly into the repository, they go into a specific namespace. This namespace uses the following pattern:


where [NAME] is the name of the branch to which you want to push your commit. To learn more about the refs/for namespace, see The refs/for namespace.

Before you begin

  • Verify that you are authorized to contribute changes to the repositories that you want to clone.
  • Clone a repository with a commit-msg hook, as described in Cloning a Gerrit Repository.

Adding files

From a terminal window, use the git add command to inform Git that you want to includ your updates in the next commit.

git add [FILE_NAME]

Committing files

Use the git commit command to record your changes to the local repository.

git commit -m [MESSAGE]

where [MESSAGE] is a description of the changes in the commit.

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Pushing the commit

From a terminal window, type the following command:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/[BRANCH_NAME]

For example, to push to the master branch, type:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

Your commit is now ready for review.

What's next?

  • Learn how to update a change
  • Read about how to mark a review as Work-in-Progress
  • Review how to mark a change as private