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Gerrit Code Review releases can be downloaded from the download site (.war files only) or from Maven Central (.war files and API artifacts, version 2.9 and later).

Artifacts deployed to Maven Central are signed with the maintainer's key. Please refer to the list of maintainers' keys.

Latest release: 2.15.

2.16 (In development)

  • GWT UI is deprecated

  • PolyGerrit is now the default UI.

  • Experimental Dark Mode in PolyGerrit.

  • Inline editing support in PolyGerrit UI.

  • Redesigned UI for PolyGerrit based on material.

Release notes for Gerrit 2.16


  • New change workflows for changes not yet ready for full review (formerly Drafts).

  • The new PolyGerrit UI is mature enough for most uses.

  • Account data is stored in NoteDb.

  • NoteDb for change metadata is considered stable, and new sites use it by default.

  • NoteDb migration for change metadata is available.

  • Made several improvements and additions to the documentation to help users find the information they need.

Release notes for Gerrit 2.15


  • Changes can be assigned to specific users

  • Open and Abandoned changes can be deleted

  • HTML emails and new templating framework

  • Support for receiving review comments by email

  • New Polymer based user interface

  • Support for elliptic curve/ed25519 SSH keys

  • Secondary index with Elastic Search (experimental)

Release notes for Gerrit 2.14


  • Support for Git LFS

  • Metrics interface

  • Hooks plugin

  • Access control for git submodule subscriptions

Release notes for Gerrit 2.13.


  • New change submission workflows: ‘Submit Whole Topic’ and ‘Submitted Together’.

  • Support for GPG Keys and signed pushes.

Release notes for Gerrit 2.12.

Older Releases

Release notes for releases prior to 2.12 can be found on the old documentation site.