A simple browser for Git repositories

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  1. f65ff3b Remove Soy compile time globals from Gerrit. These APIs are being removed. by Jesse Costello-Good · 4 weeks ago master
  2. ffc9a33 Test that Branch Redirect supports having short ref names in gitiles url. by Ronald Bhuleskar · 6 weeks ago
  3. 5764066 Redirect gitiles url using Repo's branch redirect config when format type is default (not provided in gitiles url). by Ronald Bhuleskar · 4 months ago
  4. 2c2494b Fix straggling FQN template call. by Gerrit Code Review · 4 months ago
  5. 6f62c5d Update gitiles for Soy template import syntax by Jesse Costello-Good · 4 months ago

Gitiles - A simple JGit repository browser

Gitiles is a simple repository browser for Git repositories, built on JGit. Its guiding principle is simplicity: it has no formal access controls, no write access, no fancy Javascript, etc.

Gitiles automatically renders *.md Markdown files into HTML for simplified documentation. Refer to the Markdown documentation for details.


Gitiles is configurable in a git-style configuration file named gitiles.config. Refer to the configuration documentation for details.


Use the issue tracker at github to file bugs.

Contributing to Gitiles

Please refer to the Developer Guide.