Developer Guide


Gitiles requires Bazel to build.

You need to use Java for building Gitiles. You can install Bazel from

  bazel build //:gitiles
  bazel test //...

Running Locally and Testing

cd /path/to/repositories  # Don't run from the gitiles repo.

This will recompile and start a development server. Open http://localhost:8080/ to view your local copy of gitiles, which will serve any repositories under /path/to/repositories.

To run unit tests, run bazel test ....

Eclipse IDE

If you'd like to use Eclipse to edit Gitiles, first generate a project file:


Import the project in Eclipse:

File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workpace

The project only needs to be rebuilt if the source roots or third-party libraries have changed. For best results, ensure the project is closed in Eclipse before rebuilding.

Running/Debugging from Eclipse IDE

Running Gitiles from Eclipse requires setting the system property. The property value has to be the root folder of the Gitiles source code, for example:

Code Style

Java code in Gitiles follows the Google Java Style Guide with a 100-column limit.

Code should be automatically formatted using google-java-format prior to sending a code review. There is currently no Eclipse formatter, but the tool can be run from the command line:

java -jar /path/to/google-java-format.jar -i path/to/java/

CSS in Gitiles follows the SUIT CSS naming conventions.

Code Review

Gitiles uses Gerrit for code review:

Gitiles uses the “git push” workflow with server You will need a generated cookie.

Gerrit depends on “Change-Id” annotations in your commit message. If you try to push a commit without one, it will explain how to install the proper git-hook:

curl -Lo `git rev-parse --git-dir`/hooks/commit-msg \
chmod +x `git rev-parse --git-dir`/hooks/commit-msg

Before you create your local commit (which you'll push to Gerrit) you will need to set your email to match your Gerrit account:

git config --local --add

Normally you will create code reviews by pushing for master:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master


Gitiles artifacts are published to the gerrit-maven bucket. To release a new version, you must have write access to this bucket.

First, increment GITILES_VERSION in version.bzl. Technically, Gitiles uses the “build number” scheme, which in practice just means incrementing the last component (after the -) by one. Get your change reviewed and submitted.

Then, run:

./tools/maven/ deploy

Tag the release with an annotated tag matching the version number.

Once released, Maven projects can consume the new version as long as they point at the proper repository URL. Similarly, Bazel projects using the maven_jar bazlet can use the new version with repository = GERRIT.