The gitiles.config file supporting the site contains several configuration options.

Core configuration

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Gitiles sets the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to the HTTP origin of the client if the client's domain matches a regular expression defined in allowOriginRegex.

  allowOriginRegex = http://localhost

By default allowOriginRegex is unset, denying all cross-origin requests.


Disabling markdown

Markdown can be completely disabled by setting render to false.

  render = false

Markdown size

Markdown files are limited by default to 5 MiB of input text per file. This limit is configurable, but should not be raised beyond available memory.

  inputLimit = 5M

Image size

Referenced images are inlined as base64 encoded URIs. The image limit places an upper bound on the byte size of input.

  imageLimit = 256K


The following extensions can be enabled/disabled in the markdown section:

  • githubFlavor: enable extensions that mirror GitHub Flavor Markdown behavior. Default is true.

  • autolink: automatically convert plain URLs and email addresses into links. Default follows githubFlavor.

  • blocknote: Gitiles style note/promo/aside blocks to raise awareness to important content. Default false.

  • ghthematicbreak: accept -- for <hr>, like GitHub Flavor Markdown. Default follows githubFlavor.

  • multicolumn: Gitiles extension to layout content in a 12 cell grid, delinated by section headers. Default false.

  • namedanchor: Gitiles extension to extract named anchors using #{id} syntax. Default false.

  • safehtml: Gitiles extension to accept very limited HTML; for security reasons all other HTML is dropped regardless of this setting. Default follows githubFlavor.

  • smartquote: Gitiles extension to convert single and double quote ASCII characters to Unicode smart quotes when in prose. Default false.

  • strikethrough: strikethrough text with GitHub Flavor Markdown style ~~. Default follows githubFlavor.

  • tables: format tables with GitHub Flavor Markdown. Default follows githubFlavor.

  • toc: Gitiles extension to replace [TOC] in a paragraph by itself with a server-side generated table of contents extracted from section headers. Default true.


IFrame support requires markdown.safehtml to be true.

IFrame source URLs can be whitelisted by providing a list of allowed URLs. URLs ending with a / are treated as prefixes, allowing any source URL beginning with that prefix.

  allowiframe =

URLs not ending with a / are treated as exact matches, and only those source URLs will be allowed.

  allowiframe =
  allowiframe =

If the list has a single entry with the value true, all source URLs will be allowed.

  allowiframe = true

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be enabled on every rendered markdown page by adding the Property ID to the configuration file:

  analyticsId = UA-XXXX-Y