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## Current Release (${project.releaseVersion})
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<h4>Update Note ${project.releaseVersion}</h4>
Because there are now several types of files and folders that must be considered Gitblit data, the default location for data has changed.
<p>You will need to move a few files around when upgrading. Please see the Upgrading section of the <a href="setup.html">setup</a> page for details.</p>
<b>Express Users</b> make sure to update your web.xml file with the ${baseFolder} values!
**downloads:** [GO Windows](%GCURL%gitblit-${project.releaseVersion}.zip) | [GO Linux/OSX](%GCURL%gitblit-${project.releaseVersion}.tar.gz) | [WAR](%GCURL%gitblit-${project.releaseVersion}.war) | [Express](%GCURL%express-${project.releaseVersion}.zip) | [Federatoin Client](%GCURL%fedclient-${project.releaseVersion}.zip) | [Gitblit Manager](%GCURL%manager-${project.releaseVersion}.zip) | [API Library](%GCURL%gbapi-${project.releaseVersion}.zip) &nbsp; *released ${project.releaseDate}*
#### fixes
- Fixed nullpointer on recursively calculating folder sizes when there is a named pipe or symlink in the hierarchy
- Added nullchecking when concurrently forking a repository and trying to display it's fork network (issue-187)
- Fixed bug where permission changes were not visible in the web ui to a logged-in user until the user logged-out and then logged back in again (issue-186)
- Fixed nullpointer on creating a repository with mixed case (issue 185)
- Include missing model classes in api library (issue-184)
- Fixed nullpointer when using *web.allowForking = true* && *git.cacheRepositoryList = false* (issue 182)
- Likely fix for commit and commitdiff page failures when a submodule reference changes (issue 178)
- Build project models from the repository model cache, when possible, to reduce page load time (issue 172)
- Fixed loading of Brazilian Portuguese translation from *nix server (github/inaiat)
#### additions
- Fanout PubSub service for self-hosted [Sparkleshare]( notifications.<br/>
This service is disabled by default.<br/>
**New:** *fanout.bindInterface = localhost*<br/>
**New:** *fanout.port = 0*<br/>
**New:** *fanout.useNio = true*<br/>
**New:** *fanout.connectionLimit = 0*
- Implemented a simple push log based on a hidden, orphan branch refs/gitblit/pushes (issue 177)<br/>
The push log is not currently visible in the ui, but the data will be collected and it will be exposed to the ui in the next release.
- Support for locally and remotely authenticated accounts in LdapUserService and RedmineUserService (issue 183)
- Added Dutch translation (github/kwoot)
#### changes
- Gitblit GO and Gitblit WAR are now both configured by ``. WAR is no longer configured by `web.xml`.<br/>
However, Express for OpenShift continues to be configured by `web.xml`.
- Support for a *--baseFolder* command-line argument for Gitblit GO and Gitblit Certificate Authority
- Support for specifying a *${baseFolder}* parameter in `` and `web.xml` for several settings
- Improve history display of a submodule link
- Updated Korean translation (github/ds5apn)
- Updated checkstyle definition (github/mystygage)
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## Next Release (${project.version})
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<h4>Update Note ${project.version}</h4>
These are the fixes, changes, and additions queued for the next release.
#### fixes
- Can't set reset settings with $ or { characters through Gitblit Manager because they are not properly escaped
#### additions
- FogBugz post-receive hook script (github/djschny)
- Implemented multiple repository owners (github/akquinet)
- Chinese translation (github/dapengme, github/yin8086)
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