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# This file declares various requirements for this version of repo. The
# launcher script will load it and check the constraints before trying to run
# us. This avoids issues of the launcher using an old version of Python (e.g.
# 3.5) while the codebase has moved on to requiring something much newer (e.g.
# 3.8). If the launcher tried to import us, it would fail with syntax errors.
# This is a JSON file with line-level comments allowed.
# Always keep backwards compatibility in mine. The launcher script is robust
# against missing values, but when a field is renamed/removed, it means older
# versions of the launcher script won't be able to enforce the constraint.
# When requiring versions, always use lists as they are easy to parse & compare
# in Python. Strings would require futher processing to turn into a list.
# Version constraints should be expressed in pairs: soft & hard. Soft versions
# are when we start warning users that their software too old and we're planning
# on dropping support for it, so they need to start planning system upgrades.
# Hard versions are when we refuse to work the tool. Users will be shown an
# error message before we abort entirely.
# When deciding whether to upgrade a version requirement, check out the distro
# lists to see who will be impacted:
# The repo launcher itself. This allows us to force people to upgrade as some
# ignore the warnings about it being out of date, or install ancient versions
# to start with for whatever reason.
# NB: Repo launchers started checking this file with repo-2.12, so listing
# versions older than that won't make a difference.
"repo": {
"hard": [2, 11],
"soft": [2, 11]
# Supported Python versions.
# python-3.6 is in Ubuntu Bionic.
# python-3.7 is in Debian Buster.
"python": {
"hard": [3, 6],
"soft": [3, 6]
# Supported git versions.
# git-1.7.2 is in Debian Squeeze.
# git-1.7.9 is in Ubuntu Precise.
# git-1.9.1 is in Ubuntu Trusty.
# git-1.7.10 is in Debian Wheezy.
"git": {
"hard": [1, 7, 2],
"soft": [1, 9, 1]