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Eslint rules for polygerrit

This directory contains custom eslint rules for polygerrit.


This rule must be used only for .ts files. The rule ensures that:

  • All import paths either a relative paths or module imports.
// Correct imports
import './file1'; // relative path
import '../abc/file2'; // relative path
import 'module_name/xyz'; // import from the module_name

// Incorrect imports
import '/usr/home/file3'; // absolute path
  • All relative import paths has a short form (i.e. don't include extension):
// Correct imports
import './file1'; // relative path without extension
import data from 'module_name/file2.json'; // file in a module, can be anything

// Incorrect imports
import './file1.js'; // relative path with extension
  • Imported .js and .d.ts files both exists (only for a relative import path):


 |- ex.ts
 |- abc
     |- correct_ts.ts
     |- correct_js.js
     |- correct_js.d.ts
     |- incorrect_1.js
     |- incorrect_2.d.ts
// The ex.ts file:
// Correct imports
import {x} from './abc/correct_js'; // correct_js.js and correct_js.d.ts exist
import {x} from './abc/correct_ts'; // import from .ts - d.ts is not required

// Incorrect imports
import {x} from './abc/incorrect_1'; // incorrect_1.d.ts doesn't exist
import {x} from './abc/incorrect_2'; // incorrect_2.js doesn't exist

To fix the last two imports 2 files must be added: incorrect_1.d.ts and incorrect_2.js.


Enforce correct usage of goog.declareModuleId:

  • The goog.declareModuleId must be used only in .js files which have associated .d.ts files.
  • The module name is correct. The correct module name is constructed from the file path using the folowing rules rules:
    1. Get part of the path after the ‘/polygerrit-ui/app/’: /usr/home/gerrit/polygerrit-ui/app/elements/shared/x/y.js -> elements/shared/x/y.js
    2. Discard .js extension and replace all / with .: elements/shared/x/y.js -> elements.shared.x.y
    3. Add polygerrit. prefix: elements.shared.x.y -> polygerrit.elements.shared.x.y The last string is a module name.


// polygerrit-ui/app/elements/shared/x/y.js