Building Highlight.js for Gerrit

Highlight JS needs to be built with specific language support. Here are the steps to build the minified file that appears here.

NOTE: If you are adding support for a language to Highlight.js make sure to add it to the list of languages in the build command below.


You will need:

  • nodejs
  • closure-compiler
  • git

Steps to Create the Pack File

The packed version of Highlight.js is an un-minified JS file with all of the languages included. Build it with the following:

$>  # start in some temp directory
$>  git clone
$>  cd highlight.js
$>  git clone
$>  ln -s ../../highlightjs-closure-templates/soy.js src/languages/soy.js
$>  mkdir test/detect/soy && ln -s ../../../highlightjs-closure-templates/test/detect/soy/default.txt test/detect/soy/default.txt
$>  npm install
$>  node tools/build.js -n

The resulting JS file will appear in the “build” directory of the Highlight.js repo under the name “highlight.pack.js”.


Minify the file using closure-compiler using the command below.

$> wget

$> unzip

$> mv closure-compiler-*.jar closure-compiler.jar

$>  java -jar ./closure-compiler.jar \
        --js build/highlight.js \
        --js_output_file build/highlight.min.js

Copy the header comment that appears on the first line of build/highlight.pack.js and add it to the start of build/highlight.min.js.


Copy the resulting build/highlight.min.js file to lib/highlightjs