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= Gerrit Code Review Product Overview
Gerrit Code Review is a web-based code review tool built on[Git version control].
== What is Gerrit Code Review?
Gerrit provides a framework you and your teams can use to review code before it
becomes part of the code base. Gerrit works equally well in open source projects
that limit the number of users who can approve changes (typical in open source
software development) and in projects in which all contributors are trusted.
== What is Code Review?
Code reviews can identify mistakes before they're found by customers. In a world
of continuous integration, code must be tested before it's submitted to the
master branch to become part of the code base. Tests confirm that a product
works (and continues to work) as intended by the developers.
When code is reviewed, developers:
. Work carefully and consistently
. Learn best practices and new techniques from other developers
. Implement consistency and quality across the code base
Code reviews typically turn up issues related to:
. Design: Is code well-designed and suited to the code base?
. Functionality: Does code perform as intended and in a way that is good for users?
. Complexity: Can other developers understand and use the code?
. Naming: Does the code contain clear names for elements such as variables, classes, and methods?
. Comments: Are comments specific and complete?
== Learn Gerrit Code Review
If you're new to Gerrit and want to learn how Gerrit can improve your workflow,
. link:intro-how-gerrit-works.html[How Gerrit Works]
. link:intro-gerrit-walkthrough.html[Basic Gerrit Walkthrough]
== Getting Started
To learn more, see:
. link:intro-user.html[User Guide]
. link:intro-project-owner.html[Project Owner Guide]
. link:[Default Android Workflow] (external)
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