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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.0.8
Gerrit 2.0.8 is now available in the usual location:
*WARNING: This version contains a schema change.*
Schema upgrade:
java -jar gerrit.war --cat sql/upgrade006_007.sql | psql reviewdb
This version has some major bug fixes for JGit. I strongly encourage people to upgrade, we had a number of JGit bugs identified last week, all of them should be fixed in this release.
== New Features
* Allow users to subscribe to submitted change events
Someone asked me on an IRC channel to have Gerrit send emails when changes are actually merged into a project. This is what triggered the schema change; there is a new checkbox on the Watched Projects list under Settings to subscribe to these email notifications.
* BCC any user who has starred a change when sending rela...
A nice idea. If the user starred the change, keep them informed on all emails related to that change, even if they aren't otherwise watching that project.
* GERRIT-33 Quote the line a comment applies to when sending commen...
A long standing "bug"/feature request. I had a small chunk of time I didn't know what else to do with on Friday... it was too small for most items on the open list, so this got done instead.
* Record the remote host name in the reflogs
* Record the starting revision expression used when makin...
The reflogs now contain the remote user's IP address when Gerrit makes edits, resulting in slightly more detail than was there before.
== Bug Fixes
* Make sure only valid ObjectIds can be passed into git d...
* GERRIT-92 Upgrade JGit to 0.4.0-262-g3c268c8
The JGit bug fixes are rather major. I would strongly encourage upgrading.
== Other Changes
* Start 2.0.8 development
* Upgrade MINA SSHD to SVN trunk 755651
* Fix a minor whitespace error in ChangeMail
* Refactor patch parsing support to be usable outside of ...
* Gerrit 2.0.8