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Gerrit Code Review - Custom Dashboards
A custom dashboard is shown in a layout similar to the per-user
dashboard, but the sections are entirely configured from the URL.
Because of this custom dashboards are stateless on the server side.
Users or projects can simply trade URLs using an external system like
a project wiki, or site administrators can put the links into the
site's `GerritHeader.html` or `GerritFooter.html`.
Dashboards are available via URLs like:
This opens a view showing the title "Custom View" with two sections,
"To Review" and "Pending in myproject":
Custom View
To Review
Results of ``
Pending In myproject
Results of `project:myproject is:open`
The dashboard URLs are easy to configure. All keys and values in the
URL are encoded as query parameters. Set the page and window title
using an optional `title=Text` parameter.
Each section's title is defined by the parameter name, the section
display order is defined by the order the parameters appear in the
URL, and the query results are defined by the parameter value. To
limit the number of rows in a query use `limit:N`, otherwise the
entire result set will be shown (up to the user's query limit).
Parameters may be separated from each other using any of the following
characters, as some users may find one more readable than another:
`&` or `;` or `,`
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