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Gerrit2 - Command Line Tool
Executing Commands
Aside from the standard Git server side actions, Gerrit supports
several other commands over its internal SSH daemon. As Gerrit does
not provide an interactive shell, the commands must be triggered
from an ssh client, for example:
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects
For more details on how to determine the correct SSH port number,
see link:user-upload.html#test_ssh[Testing Your SSH Connection].
User Commands
git upload-pack::
Standard Git server side command for client side `git fetch`.
git receive-pack::
Standard Git server side command for client side `git push`.
Also implements the magic associated with uploading commits for
review. See link:user-upload.html#push_create[Creating Changes].
link:cmd-ls-projects.html[gerrit ls-projects]::
List projects visible to the caller.
Adminstrator Commands
link:cmd-flush-caches.html[gerrit flush-caches]::
Flush some/all server caches from memory.
link:cmd-show-caches.html[gerrit show-caches]::
Display current cache statistics.
link:cmd-show-connections.html[gerrit show-connections]::
Display active client SSH connections.
link:cmd-show-queue.html[gerrit show-queue]::
Display the background work queues, including replication.
link:cmd-replicate.html[gerrit replicate]::
Manually trigger replication, to recover a node.
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