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Release notes for Gerrit 2.7
Gerrit 2.7 is now available:
Gerrit 2.7 includes the bug fixes done with link:ReleaseNotes-2.6.1.html[Gerrit 2.6.1].
These bug fixes are *not* listed in these release notes.
Schema Change
*WARNING:* This release contains schema changes. To upgrade:
java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path
*WARNING:* Upgrading to 2.7.x requires the server be first upgraded to 2.1.7 (or
a later 2.1.x version), and then to 2.7.x. If you are upgrading from 2.2.x.x or
newer, you may ignore this warning and upgrade directly to 2.7.x.
Gerrit Trigger Plugin in Jenkins
*WARNING:* Upgrading to 2.7 may cause the Gerrit Trigger Plugin in Jenkins to
stop working. Please see the "New 'Stream Events' global capability" section
Release Highlights
* New `copyMaxScore` setting for labels.
* Comment links configurable per project.
* Themes configurable per project.
* Better support for binary files and images in diff screens.
* User avatars in more places.
* Several new REST APIs.
New Features
* New `copyMaxScore` setting for labels.
Labels can be link:[
configured] to copy approvals forward to the next patch set.
* Comment links can be link:[
defined per project in the project configuration].
* Gerrit administrators can define project-specific themes.
Themes can be link:[
configured site-wide or per project].
* New '/a/tools' URL.
This allows users to download the `commit-msg` hook via the command line if the
Gerrit server requires authentication globally.
* New 'Stream Events' global capability.
The link:[
Stream Events capability] controls access to the `stream-events` ssh command.
Only administrators and users having this capability are allowed to use `stream-events`.
If you are using the Gerrit Trigger Plugin in Jenkins, you must make sure that the
'Non-Interactive Users' group, or whichever group the Jenkins user belongs to, is
given the 'Stream Events' capability.
* Allow opening new changes on existing commits.
The `%base` argument can be used with `refs/for/` to identify a specific revision the server should
start to look for new commits at. Any commits in the range `$base..$tip` will be opened as a new
change, even if the commit already has another change on a different branch.
* New setting `gitweb.linkDrafts` to control if gitweb links are shown on drafts.
By default, Gerrit will show links to gitweb on all patch sets. If the
gitweb.linkDrafts setting] is set to 'false', links will not be shown on
draft patch sets.
* Allow changes to be automatically submitted on push.
Teams that want to use Gerrit's submit strategies to handle contention on busy
branches can use `%submit` to create a change and have it
immediately submitted], if the caller has Submit permission on `refs/for/<ref>`.
* Allow administrators to see all groups.
Web UI
* User avatars are displayed in more places in the Web UI.
* 'Diffy' is used as avatar for the Gerrit server itself.
* A popup with user profile information is shown when hovering the
mouse over avatar images.
Change Screens
* link:[Issue 667]:
Highlight patch sets that have drafts.
Patch sets having unpublished draft comments are highlighted with an icon.
* Option to show relative times in change tables.
A new preference setting allows the user to decide if absolute or relative dates
should be shown in change tables.
* Option to set default visibility of change comments.
A new preference setting allows the user to set the default visibility of
change comments.
Diff Screens
* Show images in side-by-side and unified diffs.
* Show diffed images above/below each other in unified diffs.
* Harmonize unified diff's styling of images with that of text.
Several new link:[
REST API endpoints] are added.
* link:[
Get account diff preferences]
* link:[
Set account diff preferences]
* link:[Issue 1820]:
List comments]
* link:[
Get comment]
* link:[
Get project configuration]
* link:[Issue 1088]:
Support link:[
Kerberos authentication for ssh interaction].
Bug Fixes
* Postpone check for first account until adding an account.
* link:[Issue 1848]:
Mark `ALREADY_MERGED` changes as merged in the database.
If a change was marked `ALREADY_MERGED`, likely due to a bug in
merge code, it does not end up in the list of changes to be submitted
and never gets marked as merged despite the branch head already
having advanced.
* link:[Issue 600]:
Fix change stuck in SUBMITTED state but actually merged.
When submitting a commit that has a tag, it could not be merged.
* Fix null-pointer exception when dashboard title is not specified.
If the title is not specified, the path of the dashboard config file
is used as title.
* Allow label values to be configured with no text.
* link:[Issue 1966]:
Fix Gerrit plugins under Tomcat by avoiding Guice static filter.
* link:[Issue 2054]:
Expand capabilities of `ldap.groupMemberPattern`.
* link:[Issue 2098]:
Fix re-enabling of disabled plugins.
* link:[Issue 2128]:
Fix null-pointer exception when deleting draft patch set when previous
draft was already deleted.
Web UI
* Properly handle double-click on external group in GroupTable.
Double-clicking on an external group opens the group's URL (if it
is provided).
* link:[Issue 1848]:
Don't discard inline comments when escape key is pressed.
* link:[Issue 1863]:
Drop Arial Unicode MS font and request only sans-serif.
Arial Unicode MS does not have a bold version. Selecting this font prevents
correct display of bold text on Mac OS X. Simplify the selector to sans-serif
and allow the browser to use the user's preferred font in this family.
* link:[Issue 1872]:
Fix tab expansion in diff screens when syntax coloring is on.
* link:[Issue 1904]:
Fix diff screens for files with CRLF line endings.
* link:[Issue 2056]:
Display custom NoOp label score for open changes.
* link:[Issue 2093]:
Fix incorrect title of "repo download" link on change screen.
* link:[Issue 2127]:
Remove hard-coded documentation links from the admin page.
* link:[Issue 2010]:
Fix null-pointer exception when searching for changes with the query
* link:[Issue 2039]:
Fix browser null-pointer exception when ChangeCache is incomplete.
* link:[Issue 1819]:
Include change-level messages to the payload returned from
the link:[
Get Change Detail REST API endpoint].
* Correct URL encoding in 'GroupInfo'.
* Log failure to access reviewer list for notification emails.
* Log when appropriate if email delivery is skipped.
* link:[Issue 2016]:
Flush caches after adding or deleting ssh keys via the `set-account` ssh command.
* The release build now builds for all browser configurations.
* `gwtexpui` is now built in the gerrit tree rather than linking a separate module.
* Update the access control documentation to clarify how to set
global capabilities].
* Clarify the
change cache configuration].