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= Gerrit Product Overview
Gerrit is a web-based code review tool built on top of the[Git version control system]. This introduction provides
an overview of Gerrit and describes how Gerrit integrates into a typical
development workflow. It also provides a brief tutorial that shows how to manage
a change using Gerrit.
== What is Gerrit?
Gerrit makes code review easy by providing a lightweight framework for reviewing
commits before they are accepted by the codebase. Gerrit works equally well for
projects where approving changes is restricted to selected users, as is typical
for Open Source software development, as well as projects where all contributors
are trusted.
== Learn About Gerrit
If you're new to Gerrit and want to know more about how it can improve your
developer workflow, see the following topics:
. link:intro-how-gerrit-works.html[How Gerrit Works]
. link:intro-gerrit-walkthrough.html[Basic Gerrit Walkthrough]
== Getting Started
This documentation contains several guides to help you learn about the Gerrit
features most relevant to you:
. link:intro-user.html[User Guide]
. link:intro-project-owner.html[Project Owner Guide]
. link:[Default Android Workflow] (external)
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]