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* @license
* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
// TODO(dmfilippov): remove bundled-polymer.js imports when the following issue
// is resolved.
// Because gr-diff.js is a shared component, it shouldn' pollute global
// variables. If an application wants to use Polymer global variable -
// the app must assign/import it and do not rely on the Polymer variable
// exposed by shared gr-diff component.
import '../api/embed';
import '../scripts/bundled-polymer';
import './diff/gr-diff/gr-diff';
import './diff/gr-diff-cursor/gr-diff-cursor';
import {TokenHighlightLayer} from './diff/gr-diff-builder/token-highlight-layer';
import {GrDiffCursor} from './diff/gr-diff-cursor/gr-diff-cursor';
import {GrAnnotation} from './diff/gr-diff-highlight/gr-annotation';
import {createDiffAppContext} from './gr-diff-app-context-init';
import {injectAppContext} from '../services/app-context';
// Setup appContext for diff.
// TODO (dmfilippov): find a better solution
// Setup global variables for existing usages of this component
window.grdiff = {
// TODO(oler): Remove when clients have adjusted to namespaced globals above
window.GrAnnotation = GrAnnotation;