Update git submodules

* Update plugins/delete-project from branch 'stable-3.8'
  to 825dcb41a9abfc5892ef3b0f8e89b7ca25c8dfe1
  - Merge branch 'stable-3.7' into stable-3.8
    * stable-3.7:
      ConfigurationTest: Remove flaky invalidTargetArchiveFolder test
      Send project-deleted event after project deletion
    Change-Id: I2ac01b00d7ce442b96a032d90b4037670e65d79a
  - ConfigurationTest: Remove flaky invalidTargetArchiveFolder test
    This test is failing when running gerrit test in docker image with root
    user. It's also failing when remote build execution is used (BuildBuddy
    It seems to rely on the fact that the exception is thrown:
    java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /\\\: Operation not permitted
    However when the test is executed with BuildBuddy RBE that exception is
    not raised and as a consequence of that the test ends up failing. It
    looks that the folder /\\\ is created in the remote executor.
    While it could be fixed with:
    exec_properties = {
        "dockerUser": "nobody",
    we prefer not to complicate our build toolchain and rather remove the
    Change-Id: I51bccdf2cb19559690d3d88bd92cf60bc28f5fcd
  - Send project-deleted event after project deletion
    Gerrit EventDispatcher has two types of listeners: user restricted or
    unrestricted. For the restricted listeners before sending the event
    Gerrit checks if user has permission to access the project. This means
    that `project-deleted` event will not be delivered to the restricted
    listeners because when we send the event project is already removed
    so we cannot check permissions anymore.
    Bug: Issue 15778
    Change-Id: I86386cf8b321a2dcc8a4a8ee6f36815e5c9228a2
diff --git a/plugins/delete-project b/plugins/delete-project
index 38b4cb1..825dcb4 160000
--- a/plugins/delete-project
+++ b/plugins/delete-project
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 38b4cb16483045557ffbe7dec8c3d971b95ebc82
+Subproject commit 825dcb41a9abfc5892ef3b0f8e89b7ca25c8dfe1