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= gerrit copy-approvals
gerrit copy-approvals - Copy all inferred approvals labels to the latest patch-set.
_ssh_ -p <port> <host> _gerrit copy-approvals_
[--verbose | -v]
Gerrit has historically computed votes using an inference algorithm that
was cumulating them from all the patch-sets. That was not efficient since
it had to take into account copied votes from very old patchsets.
E.g, votes sometimes need to be copied from ps1 to ps10.
Gerrit copy the approvals from the inferred votes to the latest patch-sets
once a change receives a new label update.
The copy-approval command scans all the changes of a project and looks for
all votes that have not been copied yet, calculate the inferred score and
apply that as copied label to the latest patch-set.
NOTE: The label copied as part of this process receives the grant date of
the timestamp of the copy-approval command execution, not the one associated
with the inferred vote.
Display projects/changes impacted by the label copy operation.
Only the user with MAINTAIN_SERVER permissions can run this command.
This command is intended to be used in scripts.
Copy all inferred labels on the project 'foo'
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit copy-approvals foo
Copy all inferred labels on all projects
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit copy-approvals
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