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Use Cases

In a few sentences, describe the use-cases as interactions between a user and a system to attain particular goals.

Should be understandable by anyone who is familiar with using Gerrit.

Optionally, differentiate between primary and secondary use-cases. Secondary use-cases are related to the primary use-cases, but addressing them within the scope of this design is not mandatory. This means they may not be covered by all proposed solutions. Secondary use-cases that are not addressed by the concluded solution, may be discussed in separate design docs. In this case links to these design docs should be added here.

Optionally, define non-goals.

It is possible that use-cases are specific to custom setups (e.g. the multi-master setup at Google). In this case, say so here.

Acceptance Criteria

Describe conditions that must be satisfied to consider the feature as done.

If a mentor is assigned, the mentorship ends when this state is reached. Please note that a mentorship can also end earlier if the maximum time frame for the mentorship has exceeded (see section ‘Time Estimation’ in dev-design-doc-conclusion-template.txt).


Stuff one needs to know to understand the use-cases (e.g. motivating examples, previous versions and problems, links to related changes/design docs, etc.).

Note: this is background; do not write about your design or ideas to solve problems here.