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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.4
Gerrit 2.11.4 is now available:
Gerrit 2.11.4 includes the bug fixes done with
link:ReleaseNotes-2.10.7.html[Gerrit 2.10.7]. These bug fixes are *not* listed
in these release notes.
There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.3.html[2.11.3].
== Bug Fixes
* Fix NullPointerException in `ls-project` command with `--has-acl-for` option.
Using the `--has-acl-for` option for external groups (e.g. LDAP groups) was
causing a NullPointerException.
* link:[Issue 3328]:
Allow to push a tag that points to a non-commit object.
When pushing a tag that points to a non-commit object, like
`v2.6.11` on linux-stable] which points to a tree, or
`spearce-gpg-pub` on jgit] which points to a blob, Gerrit rejected the push with
the error message 'missing object(s)'.
Note: This was previously fixed in Gerrit version 2.11.1, but was inadvertently
reverted in 2.11.2 and 2.11.3.
* link:[Issue 2817]:
Insert `Change-Id` footer into access right changes.
When modifications of access rights were saved for review, the change
did not have a `Change-Id` footer in the commit message.
* Fix duplicated log lines after reloading a plugin.
If a plugin was reloaded, logs emitted from the plugin were duplicated.
* Remove `--recheck-mergeable` option from `reindex` command documentation.
The `--recheck-mergeable` option was removed in Gerrit version 2.11.
* Use the correct validation policy for commits created by Gerrit.
Commits created by Gerrit were being validated in the same way as commits
received from users.
* link:[Issue 3557]:
Disallow invalid reference patterns in project configuration.
When editing a project configuration by using the UI or by submitting a change
to `refs/meta/config`, it was possible to add a permission to an invalid
reference pattern. This caused the project to be unavailable and the `ls-projects`
command to fail whenever this project was encountered.
* link:[Issue 3574]:
Fix review labels with `AnyWithBlock` function.
The review labels with `AnyWithBlock` with 0 and +1 values blocked submit when
reviewers were added.
* Fix ref in tag list for signed/annotated tags.
The tag name from the header was used, rather than the ref name. In some cases
this resulted in the wrong tag ref being listed.
* Prevent user from bypassing `ref-update` hook through gerrit-created commits.
If the user used the cherry-pick ability in the UI or via the REST API, they
could put a commit on a branch that bypassed the requirements of the `ref-update`
hook (such as that certain branches require QA-tickets to be referenced in the
commit message).
* Allow `InternalUsers` to see drafts.
According to the documentation, `InternalUsers` should have full read access.
This was not true, since `InternalUsers` could not see drafts.
* link:[Issue 2683]:
Fix non-ASCII password authentication failure under tomcat (LDAP).
The authentication with LDAP failed when the password contained non-ASCII
characters such as ä, ö, Ä, and Ö.
* Do not double decode the login URL token.
The login URL token used to redirect from the login servlet to the target page
is already decoded and should not be decoded again.
* link:[Issue 3020]:
Include approvals specified on push in change message.
When using the `%l` option to apply a review label on uploaded changes or
patch sets, the applied label was not mentioned in the change message.
* Fire the `comment-added` hook for approvals specified on push.
When using the `%l` option to apply a review label on uploaded changes or
patch sets, the `comment-added` hook was not being fired.
* link:[Issue 3602]:
Use uploader for approvals specified on push, not the committer.
When using the `%l` option to apply a review label on uploaded changes or
patch sets, the review label was in some cases applied as the committer rather
than the uploader.
* link:[Issue 3531]:
Fix internal server error on unified diff screen for anonymous users.
* link:[Issue 2414]:
Improve detection of requiring sign-in.
Some queries, such as the `has:*` operators, require the user to be signed in.
Also, when handling a REST API failure, detect 'Invalid authentication' responses
as also requiring a new session.
* link:[Issue 3052]:
Fix 'Conflicts With' list for merge commits.
The 'Conflicts List' was not being populated correctly if the change being viewed
was a merge commit, or if the change being viewed conflicted with an open merge
== Plugin Bugfixes
* singleusergroup: Allow to add a user to a project's ACL using `user/username`.
A user could not be added to a project's ACL unless the user already had READ
permission in the project's ACL.
* replication: Add waiting time and number of retries to replication log.
Only the replication execution time was printed in the 'replication completed'
log statement. The waiting time and retry count is added, to help debug
replication delays.