Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.7

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+Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.7
+Gerrit 2.11.7 is now available:
+There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.6.html[2.11.6].
+Bug Fixes
+* link:[Issue 3882]:
+Fix 'No user on email thread' exception when label with group parameter is
+used in watched projects predicate.
+* link:[Issue 3877]:
+Include files in output when using `gerrit query` with combination of
+search operators.
+A regression introduced in version 2.11.6 caused files to be omitted
+in the output.
+* Include comments in output when using `gerrit query` with the
+`--current-patch-set` option.
+Comments were added at the change level but were not added at the
+patch set level.
+* Honor the `sendemail.allowrcpt` setting when adding new email address.
+When adding a new email address via the UI or REST API, it was possible for
+the user to add an address that does not belong to a domain allowed by the
+`sendemail.allowrcpt` configuration. However, when sending the verification
+email, the recipient address was (correctly) dropped, and the email had no
+recipients. This resulted in an error from the SMTP server and an 'Internal
+server error' message to the user.
+* Remove unnecessary log messages.
+The messages 'Assuming empty group membership' and 'Skipping delivery of
+email' do not add any value and were filling up the error log.
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 Version 2.11.x
+* link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.7.html[2.11.7]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.6.html[2.11.6]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.5.html[2.11.5]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.4.html[2.11.4]