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= Gerrit Code Review - User suggested edits (Experiment)
Easy and fast way for reviewers to suggest code changes that can be easily applied
by change owner.
== Reviewer workflow
** Select line or multiple lines of diff and start comment
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-comment.png["Comment example", align="center", width=400]
** Click on suggest fix - that copies whole selected line/lines
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-suggest-fix.png["Comment example", align="center", width=400]
** Modify lines in the suggestion block. Optionally add more details as normal comment text before or after
the suggestion block.
image::images/user-suggest-edits-suggestion.png["Suggestion example", align="center", width=400]
** Optionally you can preview suggested edit by clicking on Preview fix when you stop editing comment
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-preview.png["Suggestion Draft example", align="center", width=400]
image::images/user-suggest-edits-preview.png["Suggestion Preview", align="center", width=400]
== Author workflow
You can apply one or more suggested fixes. When suggested fix is applied - it creates
a change edit that you can modify in gerrit. link:user-inline-edit.html#editing-change[More about editing mode.]
FYI: Publishing a new patchset in gerrit will make gerrit change out of sync with
your local git. You can checkout latest gerrit by using commands from download drop-down panel.
link:user-review-ui.html#download[More about download drop-down panel]
You can use copy to clipboard button to copy suggestion to clipboard and then you can paste it
in your editor.
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