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= Gerrit Code Review - Project Configuration
== Project Creation
There are several ways to create a new project in Gerrit:
- click 'CREATE NEW' in the Web UI under 'BROWSE' > 'Repositories'
- via the link:rest-api-projects.html#create-project[Create Project]
REST endpoint
- via the link:cmd-create-project.html[create-project] SSH command
To be able to create new projects the global capability
link:access-control.html#capability_createProject[Create Project] must
be granted.
In addition, projects can be created link:#manual_project_creation[
=== Manual Project Creation
. Create a Git repository under `gerrit.basePath`:
git --git-dir=$base_path/new/project.git init
By tradition the repository directory name should have a `.git`
To also make this repository available over the anonymous git://
protocol, don't forget to create a `git-daemon-export-ok` file:
touch $base_path/new/project.git/git-daemon-export-ok
. Register Project
Either restart the server, or flush the `project_list` cache:
ssh -p 29418 localhost gerrit flush-caches --cache project_list
== Project Options
See details at link:config-project-config.html#project-section[project section].
== Branch Administration
=== Branch Creation
There are several ways to create a new branch in a project:
- in the Web UI under 'BROWSE' > 'Repositories' > <project> > 'Branches'
- via the link:rest-api-projects.html#create-branch[Create Branch]
REST endpoint
- via the link:cmd-create-branch.html[create-branch] SSH command
- by using a git client to push a commit to a non-existing branch
To be able to create new branches the user must have the
link:access-control.html#category_create[Create Reference] access
When using the Web UI, the REST endpoint or the SSH command it is only
possible to create branches on commits that already exist in the
If a branch name does not start with `refs/` it is automatically
prefixed with `refs/heads/`.
The starting revision for a new branch can be any valid SHA-1
expression, as long as it resolves to a commit. Abbreviated SHA-1s
are not supported.
=== Branch Deletion
There are several ways to delete a branch:
- in the Web UI under 'BROWSE' > 'Repositories' > <project> > 'Branches'
- via the link:rest-api-projects.html#delete-branch[Delete Branch]
REST endpoint
- by using a git client
$ git push origin --delete refs/heads/<branch-to-delete>
another method, by force pushing nothing to an existing branch:
$ git push --force origin :refs/heads/<branch-to-delete>
To be able to delete branches, the user must have the
link:access-control.html#category_delete[Delete Reference] or the
link:access-control.html#category_push[Push] access right with the
`force` option.
=== Default Branch
The default branch of a remote repository is defined by its `HEAD`.
The default branch is selected from the initial branches of the newly created project,
or set to link:config-gerrit.html#gerrit.defaultBranch[host-level default],
if the project was created with empty branches.
For convenience reasons, when the repository is cloned Git creates a
local branch for this default branch and checks it out.
Project owners can set `HEAD` several ways:
- in the Web UI under 'BROWSE' > 'Repositories' > <project> > 'Branches'
- via the link:rest-api-projects.html#set-head[Set HEAD] REST endpoint
- via the link:cmd-set-head.html[Set HEAD] SSH command
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