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= commit xxxxxxx: Change-Id must be in message footer
With this error message, Gerrit rejects a push of a commit to a project
if the commit message of the pushed commit contains a Change-Id line that
is not in the footer (the last paragraph).
To be picked up by Gerrit, a Change-Id must be in the last paragraph
of a commit message. For details, see link:user-changeid.html[Change-Id Lines].
You can see the commit messages for existing commits in the history
by doing a link:[git log,role=external,window=_blank].
== Change-Id is contained in the commit message but not in the last paragraph
If the Change-Id is contained in the commit message but not in its
last paragraph, you have to update the commit message and move the
Change-Id into the last paragraph. How to update the commit message
is explained link:error-push-fails-due-to-commit-message.html[here].
To avoid confusion due to a Change-Id that was meant to be picked up by
Gerrit not being picked up, this is an error whether or not the project
is configured to always require a Change-Id in the commit message.
Part of link:error-messages.html[Gerrit Error Messages]