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+Release notes for Gerrit
+Gerrit is now available in the usual location:
+Bug Fixes
+* issue 390 Resolve objects going missing
+Clients disconnecting from the SSH server sometimes caused an
+interrupt to be delivered to their corresponding server work thread.
+That interrupt delivered at the wrong time caused a file to be
+closed unexpectedly, resulting in JGit marking the file as invalid
+and thereby losing access to its contents.  Fixed by serializing
+access to the file.
+* ps: Fix implementation to alias to gerrit show-queue
+The SSH command `ps` was meant to be an alias for `gerrit show-queue`
+but due to a copy-and-paste error was actually an alias for a
+different command.  Fixed.
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 Version 2.1.x
+* link:ReleaseNotes-[]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-[]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-[]
 * link:ReleaseNotes-[]