Release Noter


make setup
make deploy
  • The deploy target may not succeed if Pipfile.lock is out of date.
    • The setup target can be used first in such a case.
  • Using make all will run the deploy target, among the other key targets.


The make clean target removes any previously made release_noter*.md file(s).

Running multiple times without cleaning creates the next N file, without overwriting the previous one(s).


make help
  • The resulting release_noter*.md file(s) can be edited then copied over to the homepage.
    • The markdown file name should be, where x.y is the major release version.
    • Alternatively, an existing can be edited with release_noter*.md snippets.


make test
make test COMMITS=100

This target will use the -l option, which takes more time as COMMITS increases.


pipenv run python v3.2.3..HEAD
pipenv run python v3.2.3..v3.3.0-rc0
pipenv run python v3.2.3..v3.3.0-rc0 -l


make black
make flake