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* @license
* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import {
} from './diff';
import {BasePatchSetNum, ChangeInfo, RevisionPatchSetNum} from './rest-api';
* This is the callback object that Gerrit calls once for each diff. Gerrit
* is then responsible for styling the diff according the returned array of
* CoverageRanges.
export type CoverageProvider = (
changeNum: number,
path: string,
basePatchNum?: number,
patchNum?: number,
change?: ChangeInfo
) => Promise<Array<CoverageRange> | undefined>;
export declare interface DiffDetails {
change: ChangeInfo;
basePatchNum: BasePatchSetNum;
patchNum: RevisionPatchSetNum;
fileRange: FileRange;
/** @deprecated rely on fileRange.path */
path: string;
diffElement: GrDiff;
export declare type TokenHoverListener = (
diff: DiffDetails,
highlight?: TokenHighlightEventDetails
) => void;
export declare interface AnnotationPluginApi {
* The specified function will be called when a gr-diff component is built,
* and feeds the returned coverage data into the diff. Optional.
* Be sure to call this only once and only from one plugin. Multiple coverage
* providers are not supported. A second call will just overwrite the
* provider of the first call.
setCoverageProvider(coverageProvider: CoverageProvider): void;
* Experimental endpoint for calling a function when a gr-diff token is
* hovered.
* The callback receives details of the diff itself and of the highlighted
* token.
* TODO: Replace with a more general addDiffLayer() endpoint.
addTokenHoverListener(callback: TokenHoverListener): void;