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= Deploy Gerrit Artifacts
== Deploy Configuration settings for Maven Central
Some Gerrit artifacts (e.g. the Gerrit WAR file, the Gerrit Plugin API
and the Gerrit Extension API) are published on Maven Central in the
`` repository.
To be able to publish artifacts to Maven Central some preparations must
be done:
* Create an account on
link:!default.jspa[Sonatype's Jira,role=external,window=_blank].
Sonatype is the company that runs Maven Central and you need a Sonatype
account to be able to upload artifacts to Maven Central.
* Configure your Sonatype user and password in `~/.m2/settings.xml`:
* Request permissions to upload artifacts to the ``
repository on Maven Central:
Ask for this permission by adding a comment on the
link:[OSSRH-7392,role=external,window=_blank] Jira
ticket at Sonatype.
The request needs to be approved by someone who already has this
permission by commenting on the same issue.
* Generate and publish a PGP key
A PGP key is needed to be able to sign the release artifacts before
the upload to Maven Central, and to sign the release announcement email.
Generate and publish a PGP key as described in
Working with PGP Signatures,role=external,window=_blank]. In addition to the keyserver mentioned
there it is recommended to also publish the key to the
link:[Ubuntu key server].
Please be aware that after publishing your public key it may take a
while until it is visible to the Sonatype server.
Add an entry for the public key in the
link:[key list,role=external,window=_blank]
on the homepage.
The PGP passphrase can be put in `~/.m2/settings.xml`:
It can also be included in the key chain on OS X.
== Deploy Configuration in Maven `settings.xml`
Gerrit Subproject Artifacts are stored on
link:[Google Cloud Storage].
Via the link:[Developers Console,role=external,window=_blank] the
Gerrit maintainers have access to the `Gerrit Code Review` project.
This projects host several buckets for storing Gerrit artifacts:
* `gerrit-api`:
Bucket to store the Gerrit Extension API Jar and the Gerrit Plugin API
* `gerrit-maven`:
Bucket to store Gerrit Subproject Artifacts (e.g. Prolog Cafe).
To upload artifacts to a bucket the user must authenticate with a
username and password. The username and password need to be retrieved
from the link:[
Storage Setting in the Google Cloud Platform Console,role=external,window=_blank]:
Select the `Interoperability` tab, and if no keys are listed under
`Interoperable storage access keys`, select 'Create a new key'.
Using `Access Key` as username and `Secret` as the password, add the
configuration in the `~/.m2/settings.xml` file to make the credentials
known to Maven:
<settings xmlns=""
=== Gerrit Subprojects
* You will need to have the following in the `pom.xml` to make it
deployable to the `gerrit-maven` storage bucket:
<name>Gerrit Maven Repository</name>
In case of JGit the `pom.xml` already contains a `distributionManagement`
section. To deploy the artifacts to the `gerrit-maven` repository, replace
the existing `distributionManagement` section with this snippet.
* Add these two snippets to the `pom.xml` to enable the wagon provider:
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]