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Gerrit2 - Project Configuration
All Git repositories under `site_path` must be registered in the
Gerrit database in order to be accessed through SSH, or through
the web interface.
Create Git Repository
Create a Git repository under `git_base_path`:
git --git-dir=$git_base_pathgit/new/project.git init
By tradition the project name should have a `.git` suffix.
To also make this repository available over the anonymous git://
protocol, don't forget the git-daemon-export-ok file:
touch $git_base_pathgit/new/project.git/git-daemon-export-ok
Register Project
At least two inserts are needed to register a project with Gerrit:
one to define the project exists, and another to define a branch
that changes can be uploaded to. Additional branches may be
defined if desired.
Note that the `.git` suffix is not typically included in the
project name, as it looks cleaner in the web when not shown.
Gerrit automatically assumes that `project.git` is the Git repository
for a project named `project`.
psql reviewdb
INSERT INTO projects
,(SELECT admin_group_id FROM system_config)
INSERT INTO branches
Registering Additional Branches
Branches can be created over the SSH port by any `git push` client,
if the user has been granted the `Push Branch` > `Create Branch`
(or higher) access right.
Additional branches can also be created through the web UI, assuming
at least one commit already exists in the project repository.
A project owner can create additional branches under `Admin` >
`Projects` > `Branches`. Enter the new branch name, and the
starting Git revision. Branch names that don't start with `refs/`
will automatically have `refs/heads/` prefixed to ensure they are
a standard Git branch name. Almost any valid SHA-1 expression can
be used to specify the starting revision, so long as it resolves
to a commit object. Abbreviated SHA-1s are not supported.