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Gerrit2 - Gitweb Integration
Gerrit2 can generate hyperlinks to gitweb, allowing users to jump
from Gerrit content to the same information, but shown by gitweb.
To enable the gitweb integration, update `system_config.gitweb_url`
with the URL of your gitweb CGI.
The CGI's `$projectroot` should be `git_base_path`, or a fairly
current replica. If a replica is being used, ensure it uses a full
mirror, so the `refs/changes/*` namespace is available.
psql -c "UPDATE system_config SET gitweb_url=''" reviewdb
After updating `system_config`, the Gerrit server must be restarted
and clients must reload the host page to see the change.
Defines the web location where a `gitweb.cgi` is installed to browse
`git_base_path` and the repositories it contains.
Gerrit appends any necessary query arguments onto the end of this URL.
For example, "?p=$project.git;h=$commit".
Access Control
Gitweb access controls can be implemented using standard web server
access controls. This isn't typically integrated with Gerrit's own
access controls. Caution must be taken to ensure the controls are
consistent if access needs to be restricted.
Caching Gitweb
If your repository set is large and you are expecting a lot
of users, you may want to look at the caching forks used by
high-traffic sites like or