Revert "Bazel: Activate RBE configuration on GCP"

This reverts commit d9216e8bebc8968330f7767e73b45e281c005249.

Reason for revert: RBE build fails with the following error.
Error in fail: Target 'rbe_jdk11' failed: use_checked_in_confs was set to 'Force' but no checked-in configs were found. Please check your pin to '@bazel_toolchains' is up to date, and that you are using a release version of Bazel. You can also explicitly set the version of Bazel to an older version in the 'rbe_jdk11' rbe_autoconfig target which may or may not work with the version you are currently running with.

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Gerrit CI scripts

Providing jobs

This project uses Jenkins Jobs Builder [1] to generate jobs from yaml descriptor files.

To add new jobs reuse existing templates, defaults etc. as much as possible. E.g. adding a job to build an additional branch of a project may be as easy as adding the name of the branch to an existing project.

To ensure well readable yaml-files, use yamllint [2] to lint the yaml-files. Yamllint can be downloaded using Python Pip:

pip3 install yamllint

To run the linter, execute this command from the project's root directory:

yamllint -c yamllint-config.yaml jenkins/**/*.yaml

Yamllint will not fix detected issues itself.

[1] [2]