Allow publishing to different Docker registries

Recently, Dockerhub has become very slow and unstable
due to the introduction of hard limits on pulls and

Make the prefix for all our CI images a configurable
variable, so that it becomes easy to switch to a
different Docker registry.

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Gerrit CI scripts

Providing jobs

This project uses Jenkins Jobs Builder [1] to generate jobs from yaml descriptor files.

To add new jobs reuse existing templates, defaults etc. as much as possible. E.g. adding a job to build an additional branch of a project may be as easy as adding the name of the branch to an existing project.

To ensure well readable yaml-files, use yamllint [2] to lint the yaml-files. Yamllint can be downloaded using Python Pip:

pip3 install yamllint

To run the linter, execute this command from the project's root directory:

yamllint -c yamllint-config.yaml jenkins/**/*.yaml

Yamllint will not fix detected issues itself.

[1] [2]