Use nested CF template for Network Stack

Extract common part of the network stack creation to a nested template.
This change simplify code changes helps avoid code repetition.

Feature: Issue 13151
Change-Id: I118404d6ca480f98b47532543d78aa0c74405916
5 files changed
tree: d3017641f44c6e8a4d4ab4ceacf5480cf55c1c8b
  1. common-templates/
  2. dual-master/
  3. gerrit/
  4. ldap/
  5. load-test-fleet/
  6. master-slave/
  7. monitoring/
  8. single-master/
  9. .gitignore
  11. Makefile.common
  13. common.env

Gerrit AWS Templates

Those are a collection of AWS CloudFormation templates and scripts to deploy Gerrit in AWS.

The aim is to provide some guidelines and example on how to deploy different Gerrit setups in the Cloud using AWS as provider.



The goal of Gerrit AWS Templates is to provide fully-functional Gerrit installations to helps users deploying Gerrit on AWS by providing out-of-the-box templates.

With Gerrit AWS Templates, developers and administrator can create a production-ready installation on the cloud in minutes and in a repeatable way, allowing them to focus on fine tuning of the Gerrit configuration to suit the user needs.

The provided CloudFormation templates automate the entire creation and deployment of the infrastructure and the application.


To manage your AWS services via command line you will need to install AWS CLI and set it up to point to your account.